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Association dynamics 更多

Beijing enterprise integrity creation activities New GMP New GSP Beijing biomedical science and technology innovation platform
Party building and learning organization building Skill competition Drug circulation rating work
Quality inspection and punishment public information
Policies and regulations 更多
•  Beijing biomedicine industry chain opening implementation plan
•  State Food and Drug Administration on the release of medical device registration quality management system nuclear
•  About the strong ability of printing and distributing to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to stabilize growth and adjust structure
•  "Beijing Medical Device Review and Verification Consultation 300 Questions" (
•  "Beijing Medical Device Review and Verification Consultation 300 Questions" (
•  The State Food and Drug Administration on the use of Chinese medicine formula granule record module announcement
Industry dynamics 更多
•  Set out for the new! 2023 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial chain supply chain is large
•  2023 China Pharmaceutical Industry Development Conference medical equipment bidding procurement
•  | International exchange on the transformation of China's Medical and Health Scientific and technological achievements
•  The second session of the Secretary-General Sharon of the Zhongguancun Federation of Social Organizations was successfully held
•  Innovative service forms to promote industrial development -- 2023 medicine
•  2023 Beijing SME public service system work
Economic analysis 更多
•  2018-2019 Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis report
•  2017-2018 Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry analysis report
•  2016-2017 Beijing pharmaceutical industry analysis report
•  Multinational pharmaceutical companies have turned to the Chinese market, China gradually to the global new drugs
•  Annual sales of more than $2 billion "lung cancer god medicine" was attacked!3 new domestic products
•  1 billion anti-thrombotic large varieties of Yangtze River, Zhengda Tianqing review!9
Beijing Medicine Express 更多
•  Love gathering, disaster donation, we are in action!
•  Armed police officers and soldiers to save the capital people in distress when the Cory Group to help armed police officers
•  Only 6 days after obtaining the production license, Yiyibioxue ®
•  亿帆医药控股子公司亿一生物宣布亿立舒
•  On the news broadcast of the disruptive technology contest, the art of Shenzhou won the most
•  The second phase of the production line will be put into operation to promote Chinese medicine on the international stage
International information 更多
•  FDA approves Nkarta CAR-NK cell therapy
•  Nature Sub-journal: Lock the "non-pharmaceutical target" to overcome
•  BMS Azacitidine tablets approved in EU: First for AML patients in remission
•  Novartis Zolgensma is pre-symptomatic and has symptomatic SMA
•  Moderna signed 1 with the EU.600 million doses of COVID
•  Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Roche have laid out whether gene therapy can be this kind of
Thematic discussion 更多
•  "Chinese innovation" will become an important link in the global pharmaceutical industry chain and go to sea
•  Biopharmaceutical investment is heavily "inrolled" KRAS G12C
•  The national medical device adverse events surged by 130,000, but experts said that"
•  Is the sudden popularity of digital therapy and digital medicine really reliable
•  Batch, stratification, classification blowout, high value medical consumables collection gauge
•  Prescription circulation re-shaping the new ecology of retail
Chinese herbal medicine base standardization construction information platform

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Association weekly report
Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association information Weekly report
Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association information Weekly report
Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association information Weekly report
Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association information Weekly report
Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association information Weekly report

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A brief discussion on the necessity of differentiated management of the validity label of TCM decoction pieces
How to deal with spring allergies introduce six natural ways to fight spring allergies
Spring health care tips
Starting with family, saying Goodbye to 'little Fat'
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About assisting in inviting enterprises to participate in BEYOND international scientific and technological innovation
Sign up for "Maker Beijing 2021" and enjoy all the entrepreneurial resources in Beijing
About business Please help organize enterprises to participate in the third Northeast Asia
Uzbekistan pharmaceutical company hopes to cooperate with Chinese pharmaceutical companies to import
About the "Magnificent 70 years of struggle for a New era - the pharmaceutical industry.
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