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A letter about asking your company to help organize enterprises to participate in the third Northeast Asia Traditional Chinese Medicine and health Industry Expo

 A letter about asking your company to help organize enterprises to participate in the third Northeast Asia Traditional Chinese Medicine and health Industry Expo

Beijing Council for the Promotion of International Trade:
Northeast Asia Chinese Medicine and health Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese Medicine Expo) is based onA professional exhibition with regional characteristics and industrial advantages held in the market-oriented and specialized exhibition mode。The first TCM Expo was held in 2018, with a total of 5 pavilions and an exhibition area of 2.6万m2The second TCM Expo was held in 2019 as an exhibition within the Northeast Asia Expo, with an exhibition area of 10,000 m2。The two Chinese medicine Expo has achieved remarkable results, and has made positive contributions to promoting the exchange and development of Chinese medicine + health care industry, and creating a cooperation platform for Chinese medicine and health care industry, which has become a new business card of the provincial exhibition industry。
With the approval of Jilin Provincial Government,By the Jilin Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine and other unitsThe Third Northeast Asia Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Industry Expo will be held in Changchun Agricultural Expo Park from September 20 to 22, 2020。With the theme of "New Era, New Inheritance and New Development",With online as the main, offline as the supplement, online and offline combination, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao as well as key regions in the country to carry out economic and trade exchanges, traditional Chinese medicine scientific and technological achievements promotion activities, while displaying traditional Chinese medicine and health care products in provinces (regions) and cities。
To exchange the latest results,Jointly promote the development of Chinese medicine and health care industry,Expand the market of traditional Chinese medicine and health care industry,We would like to ask you to help organize enterprises in your province with good reputation, high product quality, and a certain scale of traditional Chinese medicine and health industry enterprises (about 20 households) to participate in the online exhibition,And invite domestic and foreign professional merchants to participate in online negotiation matchmaking meeting。Enterprises to participate in the online exhibition, online fair fee is free, please help organize enterprises through your unit unified registration, do not accept individual registration。
Enterprises participating in the online exhibition should provide relevant materials according to the requirements of the Third Northeast Asia Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Care Industry Expo Online Exhibition Materials (Annex 2), fill in the Third Northeast Asia Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Care Industry Expo Online Exhibition Application Form (Annex 3), and send to the email191877310@qq.comThe deadline for registration is August 20, 2020。
I am writing to ask for your support。
Contact: Yuan Xi
附件1.Introduction of the third Northeast Asia Chinese Medicine and health Industry Expo
附件2.Online exhibitors provide relevant material requirements
附件3.Online exhibition registration form
            Jilin Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade
                                2020July 31
The third Northeast Asian Traditional Chinese Medicine and health industry
Exposition introduction
I. Time
Proposed time:2020September 20-22
Ii. Theme and Purpose
主题:"New era, New inheritance and new development"
宗旨:"Inheriting Chinese Medicine Culture and Developing Chinese Medicine"       
3. The organizer
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Jilin Provincial Committee
World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology
Jilin Provincial Civil Affairs Department
Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology
Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce
Jilin Provincial Health Commission
Jilin ProvinceCulture and Tourism Hall
Jilin Provincial Drug Administration
    Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Iv. Conference Activities
(1) Opening Ceremony
Set up the main venue in Changchun Agricultural Expo ParkThe opening ceremony of the Cloud Live Broadcast Expo will be held in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Japan, South Korea and Thailand to realize online video exchange and interaction among participants。
(2) Jilin Province special release
Introduce the relevant situation, supporting policies and the latest scientific research achievements of TCM development in Jilin Province to the guests at the sub-venues through online live video broadcast。Well-known Chinese medicine enterprises and Chinese medicine industry bases in the province negotiated and exchanged with guests and enterprises on new drug research and development results and products and the development of Chinese medicine industry base at the Changchun Center venue through the online exchange platform。
3. Conference and Forum
Well-known experts and entrepreneurs at home and abroad are invited to hold professional conferences and forums with industrial characteristics through online live broadcasting。To carry out "cloud Forum", "Cloud display" and "cloud negotiation", and strive to build an online diversified TCM international exchange and cooperation platform, a display platform for the national TCM industry innovation and development achievements, and a platform for the inheritance and innovation of TCM culture。Through the role of the platform to achieve one-to-one enterprise, one-to-one experts, one-to-one capital negotiations and exchanges, to promote cross-provincial, cross-border exchanges and cooperation。
Five, exhibition display
   (1) Online exhibition display
Professional docking and exhibition combination, exhibitors to carry out online communication, cooperation negotiations, so that the exhibition docking, supply and trade into one。The main professional sections are as follows:
1.Chinese medicine exhibition plate
Show the achievements of TCM industry in Jilin Province, the characteristic TCM industry in Jilin Province, and the famous TCM enterprises in Jilin Province。
Show the development of Chinese medicine industry in each province, famous Chinese medicine enterprises and products in each province, including authentic Chinese medicine, decoction pieces, over-the-counter Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine planting base, etc。
2.Overseas exhibition section
Display overseas countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan special Chinese medicine products, international famous health care products, etc。
3.Health industry plate
Display domestic characteristic elderly care service centers and household medical rehabilitation treatment equipment such as elderly living supplies, intelligent elderly care service products, smart life, and healthy smart home。
4.Anti-epidemic products display plate
    Display domestic anti-epidemic products such as medical protective equipment, household and personal care products, protective materials and equipment。
(2) Offline exhibition display
Set 3,000 in Changchun Agricultural Expo Park m2The exhibition and negotiation area is mainly to display the image and products of well-known Chinese medicine and health care enterprises in Jilin Province, and the main achievements in the development of Chinese medicine in Jilin Province, with the following professional sections:
1.Jilin Province Chinese medicine enterprise plate
Show the well-known Chinese medicine enterprise image and representative products in Jilin Province。
2.Health industry plate
Jilin Province key health care characteristic towns, characteristic elderly care service institutions and smart home medical rehabilitation equipment will be displayed。
3.Scientific research and medical institutions
The main achievements of TCM scientific research and medical institutions in Jilin Province were displayed。
Through the live broadcast of the exhibition in Changchun Agricultural Expo Park, the real-time release of procurement information online and offline, and the "cloud conference" and "cloud docking" between offline exhibitors and enterprises outside the province and overseas, the organic combination of online and offline exhibitions is realized。
(3) Live broadcast area
Set up a live broadcast room offline, and entrepreneurs and network celebrities will live bring goods for famous products during the exhibition, increase the network heat of the online expo, publicize traditional Chinese medicine products, and expand the influence of the expo。
Online exhibitors provide relevant material requirements
Please send your unit on August 20, 2020Send the required information toEmail
Online exhibitors need to provide information:
1, exhibition registration form。
2, exhibitor business license, enterprise code certificate, relevant certificates and qualification certification and other scanning copies。
3The text introduction of exhibitors shall not exceed 500 words, and the text introduction of exhibits shall not exceed 200 words。
4The pictures in the product details are not more than 6, the width is 800 pixels, the height is not limited, JPG format, color RGB, 72DPI, the size of a single picture is less than 150KB, and the number of pictures contained in each product details is not more than 3。
5The file format is JPG (or PNG)。Color RGB, 72DPI, the size of a single image does not exceed 200KB。
6Exhibitor LOGO requirements: PNG (or JPG) format picture, color RGB, 72DPI, picture size does not exceed 20KB。
7One QR code and LOGO each: 360*360 pixels, JPG format, color RGB, 72DPI, the size of a single image is less than 30KB;(See attached table)
8If the enterprise has video promotion needs, it needs to upload the promotional video to Youku and submit the sharing link of the video in Youku to the platform;Or save the promotional video as mp4 format, submit the video in mp4 format to the platform, and the video size is less than 20MB。
The third Northeast Asia Chinese Medicine and health Industry ExpoOnline exhibition registration form                                             
The information in this column will be used for contact only
Exhibitor contact:
Mobile phone number:
This column information will be displayed on the website (Open to the public
Company Name: (Chinese)
Company Name: (English)
Company Website:
Nature of the Company:
□国有□民营□合资□ Foreign sole proprietorship
Company Address:
Wechat or QQ number:
Contact person:
Landline number:
Exhibitor category: (Each exhibitor can choose a maximum of two items)
Chinese medicine exhibition plate


☐ proprietary Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese medicine decoction piece Chinese herbal medicine planting base Traditional Chinese medicine research institution
Overseas exhibition section
☐ rehabilitation medical equipment ☐ rehabilitation medical institutions ☐ health care products ☐ aging products
Health industry plate
☐ aged products ☐ elderly care services ☐ health care tourism ☐ rehabilitation medical equipment and health care products 
Anti-epidemic products display plate
☐ Protective products ☐ therapeutic equipment ☐ medical institutions
Exhibits (Fill in)
Exhibition agreement:
1.On the basis of full understanding of the exhibition, exhibitors sign this application form on the basis of voluntariness, equality and mutual benefit。
2.Exhibitors must comply with the relevant regulations of the exhibition, and the products and information submitted online comply with the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China and the actual situation of the enterprise。
3.Products that infringe intellectual property rights are strictly forbidden to participate in the exhibition, and legal disputes caused by the exhibitors due to infringement have nothing to do with the organizer。
4.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the exhibition work, the exhibitor has the responsibility to upload materials, determine exhibits and other work in accordance with the time specified in the subsequent notice of the organizer. If the exhibitor fails to provide product display in time due to its own reasons, it shall bear the responsibility。
5.Exhibitors are required to provide accurate, true and effective information for publication。
The legal representative of the participating unit shall sign and affix the official seal
Date: Year month Day
Note: The registration form should be sent to 191877310@qq before August 20, mailbox。
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