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Moderna signed 1 with the EU.600 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine agreement

           Just two weeks ago, Pfizer /Biontech reached an order for 300 million doses of their joint coronavirus vaccine,The European Commission (EC) has signed an agreement with Moderna for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines,The agreement will ensure the EU has access to the company's first 80 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine candidate mRNA-1273。

In the future, if the Moderna vaccine is approved by the EU medicines regulatory authority, EU governments will begin procurement。As part of the overall supply agreement, the EU also has the option to increase the total amount of mRNA-1273 vaccine it purchases to 1.6亿剂。On November 17, the European Medicines Agency's Committee for Human Medicines began a rolling review of the vaccine, and if the vaccine is approved for use, Moderna is expected to begin deliveries as early as the first quarter of 2021。
The decision to purchase COVID-19 follows the conclusion of advanced research negotiations between Moderna and the European Union, which initially began in August。
In Europe, Moderna is working with its strategic manufacturing partners LONZA and ROVI on capacity to support the delivery of the vaccine to countries outside of Europe and the United States。If the partnership goes through, the company will be able to provide approximately 500 million doses per year by 2021, and could reach 1 billion doses per year。
11On Monday, Moderna released interim data from a late-stage clinical trial showing that its experimental vaccine was a staggering 94 percent effective in preventing the coronavirus.5%。In addition, the storage conditions of the vaccine are relatively relaxed, and it can be stable at refrigerator temperatures for 30 days。In addition, the vaccine was generally safe and well tolerated, with side effects including fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and headache。
(Information source: Sina Medicine)
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