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Starting with family, saying Goodbye to 'little Fat'

 In recent years, the overweight and obesity rate of children and adolescents in China has been rising rapidly, which has become a major public health problem threatening children's physical and mental health。The obesity rate among children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 has tripled in 10 years to 53 million, according to China's fourth Nutrition and Health Survey。According to the "China Childhood Obesity Report" released in 2017, if no effective intervention measures are taken, the number of obese children aged 0 to 7 in China is expected to increase to 6.64 million by 2030, and the number of overweight and obese children aged 7 and above will increase to 49.48 million。Recently, the National Health Commission and other six departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for the prevention and control of Obesity in Children and Adolescents, which put forward specific prevention and control goals and implementation measures to curb the epidemic of "little fat", which is worthy of attention and expectations。

  Why do "little fat people" happen frequently?Unbalanced nutrition and insufficient physical activity are the two main causes。To prevent and control "little fat dun", it is not only necessary to follow the health law of "keeping the mouth shut and stepping forward", but also to include the joint efforts of families, schools, governments, medical and health institutions and society。
  The family is the first school for children, and parents are the first responsible person for children's health。Parents must first get out of the cognitive misunderstanding and fully understand the harm of overweight and obesity in children。Many parents are misled by traditional cognition such as "giving birth to a big fat boy", "chubby is a good body", and "they will lose weight when they run up and down", and lack vigilance for "little fat"。In fact, childhood and adolescent obesity will not only cause endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular and reproductive system diseases, but also have adverse effects on children's psychology, spirit and action, which will affect their lifetime health。
  Secondly, parents should improve their own health literacy, choose, match and cook food reasonably for their children, and ensure their nutritional balance and food diversity。At the same time, children are taught not to be picky or partial eaters, learn to choose snacks reasonably and scientifically match diets, and do not drink or drink less sugary drinks。
  Third, parents should pay attention to cultivating children's interests and habits of physical exercise, actively guide children to exercise happily, and become the supervisor and sparring partner of children's daily exercise。At the same time, urge children to reduce the use of electronic products and ensure that children have enough sleep。
  As a playground for children's growth, the school is also duty-bound to prevent and control "little Fat Dun"。Schools should pay full attention to students' dietary structure and physical exercise, and ensure the supply of balanced and nutritious food such as fresh vegetables and fruits, coarse grains, and an appropriate amount of fish, poultry, meat, eggs and milk。Strict implementation of the national physical education and health curriculum standards, teachers must not "late" or early class, to ensure that students rest and appropriate activities between classes。
  Government departments and medical and health institutions should also start from their own functions and responsibilities, and do a good job of guidance and services for weight loss and weight loss "starting from the baby"。For example, we should strengthen the regulation of children's food labeling and advertising,Food labels, especially children's food labels, should be more refined and intuitive,You might want to put traffic light nutrition labels on food,Or mandatory warnings on "harmful" ingredients, especially fat, salt, saturated fatty acids and sugar, directly on food packaging。Medical institutions should also further strengthen weight management for children and adolescents and intervention for obese children。
  "The body is the capital of the revolution", without a good body, the long life of learning and work。May parents and schools come out from a pool of academic competition, create a healthier atmosphere for children, and don't let children become "little fat".。We also hope that curbing the epidemic of "little fat" will become a social consensus and a conscious behavior of the whole people, and the vision of zero growth of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents will be realized as soon as possible。(Xiang Danping)
2021-01-12 09:01来源: China Women's News
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