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How to deal with spring allergies introduce six natural ways to fight spring allergies

         Spring allergy is a seasonal allergic disease, which mainly occurs in people with a history of allergy。Because spring is the high incidence of allergens, when this season comes, you must do a good job of protecting yourself, pay attention to personal hygiene, go out to wash your hands, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables。This can also effectively avoid the occurrence of this disease。

  Spring is a good season and one of the most popular seasons。When spring comes, many things will start again, which will also cause a lot of allergic substances in the air。For example, the blooming of flowers will cause a large amount of pollen to be released into the air, spread to the face through the wind, and enter the mouth and nose caused by symptoms。If the symptoms of allergy are not treated in time, it will bring great harm to patients, so next, I will explain to you six ways to fight spring allergy。
  First of all, let me tell you that spring allergy is a seasonal disease, and it is also a high incidence period of allergens。It is mainly due to people's physical contact with pollen or other allergic microorganisms after the condition, its symptoms are mainly manifested in the patientpruritussneeze等。Therefore, we should take some preventive measures in this season, and for those who are prone to allergies, anti-allergy measures should be strengthened。Here are six ways to fight the disease。
  First, after going out and coming home, you should thoroughly wash your hands and face to remove pollen and other allergic substances that may be carried on your body。
  Second, spring is a high incidence period of bacterial growth, so for a long time not to clean the place at home, to be thoroughly cleaned, such as quilts, carpets, kitchens and bathrooms and other damp places as well as air conditioning filters, are the most prone to bacteria, must be cleaned。
  Third, when cooking, you can put more ginger, which can help reduce inflammation caused by allergies in the body。You can also eat some ginger candy outside of the meal time, also can effectively relieve allergy symptoms。
  Fourth, vitamins can be properly supplemented in three meals a day, because spring is the most active time for inflammation in the human body, so supplementing some vitamins can help slow down the emergence and circulation of these inflammation。
  Fifth, you can use a small bottle with a spray, fill some saline, carry around。This method is similar to salt nasal spray, can go deeper into the nasal cavity, completely remove the pollen content of the nasal cavity。
  The sixth, friends with a history of spring pollen allergy, it is best not to choose the peak time to go out, that is, between 6 o 'clock in the morning and 10 o 'clock in the morning, because this period is the peak of pollen allergy。
  So I hope that through these six methods can be helpful for patients with this disease, in this season to do their own protection, for example, you can eat more light food in the diet, eat less spicy stimulating food, regularly open the window ventilation, keep the indoor air smooth and so on。Once suffering from this symptom, it is necessary to treat it in time so as not to cause other complications。
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