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Sign up for "Maker Beijing 2021" and enjoy all the entrepreneurial resources in Beijing

 Abstract: Take you to understand the extraordinary place of "Maker Beijing"!With two weeks left to register, time is running out, so give it a try。


Again to the hot entrepreneurial season, the annual cycle of various competitions so that entrepreneurs are overwhelmed。"Maker Beijing" this a national team launched the competition, what special place can make the number of registered enterprises double every year, today let us dig a dig match。
Ensemble 1
Eleven leading enterprises special competition
According to the statistics of the organizing committee, 81% of the enterprises participating in the special competition do not come for the award。The judges of the special circuit of leading enterprises 9 Chengdu are middle and high-level enterprises, the competition process is also the product promotion process, usually want to find the key person for such a detailed introduction, it is also a lot of effort。If you can win the award, it is equivalent to getting the appreciation of the industry chain, and cooperation is just around the corner。
(The following is the list of "Maker Beijing 2021" eleven leading enterprises Special competition)
 Baidu flying paddle · Artificial intelligence industry innovation application special competition
 The Fourth Paradigm · Intelligent Manufacturing special competition
 The third generation semiconductor "core" ecological special competition
 Jichuang North • Integrated Circuit design special competition
 Jingdong · Digital service special competition
 Kunpeng · Application Innovation special Competition
 Zhaoyan · Innovative medicine special competition
 Longyuan Environmental Protection · Smart environmental protection special competition
 Boe · Internet of Things special competition
 Revision • Medicine and Health Innovation special competition
 Uf BIP· Business Innovation special Competition
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Set two
Startup boot camp
Creative training camp is an important part of "Maker Beijing" every year, and in previous years, several entrepreneurial mentors will be hired to hold open classes, ranging from BP production to financial management。Strive to allow the participating enterprises to participate in the activity with the best face, the training camp can provide free training services for hundreds of enterprises every year。In 2021, the camp underwent a major renovation。This year's competition has specially engaged 8 big players in the investment industry, and will conduct closed special training in a two-way way。This is a major change from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality, and these investors conduct small-scale closed-door special training for enterprises, this opportunity, you are not tempted?
Contest Registration
Set three
In the promotion competition to grab resources
 The biggest feature of "Maker Beijing" is the integration of all of Beijing's "small and medium-sized enterprises public service demonstration platform, Beijing small and micro entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base", by the network window and some service agencies to undertake the preliminary competition。There are 175 preliminary points all over Beijing,They themselves are industrial parks, community organizations, investment institutions, intellectual property services, financial services, legal services and other institutions,In the process of competing,Participating projects can harvest a large number of platform nature resources,Smart entrants can easily find the distribution centers of large numbers of customers。The sectional finals are hosted by the Beijing district governments, which is a good opportunity to establish quality government relations。
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Ensemble four
Raise money while playing
"Maker Beijing" competition at all levels of the jury 95% are professional investors, this year's competition committee according to the level of investors, and the stage of the event to match, at the same time signed a strategic cooperation agreement with investment institutions。Professional people do professional things, and the same investment institution should send different levels of evaluation at different stages of the competition。For example, the preliminary competition sent the investment manager level, the semi-final sent the director level, and the final sent the partner level。Each industry will have resident investment institutions, and will be randomly matched with other investment institutions。
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Set five
Five major financial institutions provide credit support
Enterprises in different stages of development, the nature of capital pursuit is not the same。Small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the problem of few assets and insufficient credit when they borrow。The organizing committee of the competition cooperated with five major financial institutions to customize financial products for the competition, and gave great rate concessions。
    Beijing Bank Zhongguancun branch business guarantee loan
    Bank of Beijing Zhongguancun branch bank tax loan
    Postal Savings Beijing branch small micro easy loan
    Industrial Bank Beijing branch "specialized special new" loan
    Industrial Bank Beijing branch "investment joint loan"
    Zhongguancun Guarantee Department financial insurance
     Zhongguancun Rental "Maker Rental 2.0"
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