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The second session of the Secretary-General Sharon of the Zhongguancun Federation of Social Organizations was successfully held


       On September 1, 2023, under the guidance and support of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Zhongguancun Management Committee, the second Secretary General Salon was successfully held, sponsored by Zhongguancun Social Organization Federation and hosted by Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association。Liang Jie, Director of the Science and Technology Service Department of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, and Li Jianling, a second-level researcher, attended the meeting, and six secretaries general and responsible persons of social organizations participated in the discussion and exchange。

       First of all, Li Jianling, a second-level researcher of the Science and Technology Service Department of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, hoped to understand the development of social organization work from the following three aspects through this salon。First, how to give full play to the role of social organizations to jointly carry out bright work to support the relevant work of the Science and Technology Committee and the Management Committee;The second is to introduce the work carried out around the future plan of "Action Plan for the Development of Beijing Science and Technology social organization Service Enterprises (Action)";Third, how to form a working linkage with the national font Association,Serve the work of the central government and state ministries and commissions through local social organizations。

       Subsequently, Dai Jian, executive vice president and secretary-general of Zhongguancun Federation of Social Organizations, introduced the key work arrangements of the Federation from August to December。One is in shaping the brand of social organization services,Use the micro signal column of the two committees to publicize the work of social organizations,Summarize the annual achievements of scientific and technological services;The second is to promote the upgrading of the park's science and technology service system,Strengthen urban linkage,Continue to carry out "service zero distance" park activities;Third, we will implement the guidelines of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Forum on major Party and government leaders,Building the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entrepreneurs Alliance;Fourth, the benchmark is international first-class,Build an international two-way collaboration network,Facilitate the transformation of Korean and German projects in Beijing。At the same time, Secretary General Dai Jian shared the visit and inspiration of the Yangtze River Delta visit, and welcomed the member units interested in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Entrepreneur Alliance to actively participate in the sharing of development opportunities。

       next,The participating Secretary-General combined with the actual work,Focus on organizational background, core competence resources, landmark work achievements in the past two years and main work plans in the next two years,How to combine their own work with the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center,Recommendations for the work programme of the Federation,And how to further participate in the construction of social organization work system for communication。We shared the landmark work achievements of the unit in serving the enterprise government, optimizing the business environment, transforming scientific and technological achievements, building expert think tanks, and identifying standards,And put forward the hope through the federation platform,Share the resources of science-based social organizations in Beijing,Deeply involved in the work system of social organizations,Create special work together,Polish social organization service brand。

       最后,Liang put forward three requirements for social organization work,First, we hope that social organizations will expand their service capabilities,Have a signature and quantifiable work result;The second is to reflect the representativeness and influence of social organizations when carrying out work;Third, social organizations are facing new problems in the new era,You can't just focus on individual gains,To find new paths and patterns,Only then can social organizations radiate new vitality。

      The holding of this event has promoted horizontal exchanges and in-depth docking among members, and pointed out the direction for the high-quality development of scientific and technological social organizations in Beijing。

       In the future, the Federation will continue to play the role of a bridge between pivotal social organizations, gather the strength of scientific and technological social organizations, and jointly carry out Secretary-General salon activities around the "Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center and the key task of building a world-leading science and technology park in Zhongguancun", and welcome social organizations to actively undertake it。

      Fu Lijia, executive Vice president and secretary-general of Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and Sun Xiaojing, deputy Secretary-General, participated in the salon。

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