The training course of Beijing Pharmaceutical Industry Association is now a trial operation network registration, and the training course of continuing education during the trial operation can be applied for through the online registration system。
Please note the following application considerations:

1. For the first online registration, please register your account first and log in before you can register;
If you have a certificate for the first time to log in, click the "First login with a certificate click here" button to set the login user name and password. You can use the set user name and password to log in directly in the future。

2, after login, please choose the corresponding course according to your own situation

3. Due to the limited enrollment of courses, the system will keep a record of users who do not pay the fee within the specified time. After two days, the system will clear the registration record of the unpaid fee and free up the quota

4, online registration and payment users need to print invoices, please truthfully fill in the invoice title, do not fill in the invoice title as no need to issue invoices, after the invoice will not be made up